Empowering Mothers in Need

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Because Moms Create Tomorrow

Why is supporting moms so important?

Because Mother Leaders Worldwide build our future - and are often the most undervalued and under supported by their local systems.

We're here to change that.

Join us as we empower mothers in our unique, proprietary blend of local and online training, leadership and life coaching, and business mentorship in the Becoming Superwoman Club. Not only that - but your support will also earn you a place in the club - because it takes a village to create tomorrow.

Simple and Effective Tools

to Empower Mothers

The Becoming Superwoman Club has been designed to keep mother leaders supported, empowered, and motivated by giving them:


Weekly online coffees with older, experienced, and successful moms from around the world.


From parenting to relationships to Getting Fighting Fit, she'll have all of the tools to raise that amazing family.


Developed and supported by world class coaches, she will always have help, mentorship, and love by her side.

Developed by Moms and Leadership Developers worldwide, the Becoming Superwoman Club not only gives tools like that above - but also hope, encouragement, and global community.


What Comes With Membership?

With this one simple membership, you will give one mother in need the tools to thrive - and grow her influence - by leveraging the experience and expertise of successful moms worldwide. With the ability to participate in weekly calls, courses ranging from parenting toddlers to re-entering the workforce, and certified coach support, the Becoming Superwoman Club gives her the flexibility she needs to actually tackle mom life - while staying true to her own path and dreams, too.

Parenting by the Sevens

Identify what kind of style and tone will work best for her children at all ages.

Emotional Intelligence

Grow her understanding and emotional intelligence skillset and help children develop their own, too.

Community Growth

Most moms want to keep helping their communities - they just don't know how. We give the answers.

Staying Healthy

Discover how to find her own time and fitness to push her mom life into her best life.


About the Developers

Carmen Westbrook is a leadership developer for governments, companies, and international aid organizations worldwide - as well as a mom three kiddos and wife to one husband. With her wide range of experiences came a passion to help moms go from overwhelmed to in love with their new calling. And to make that happen, Carmen called together her community, and together they developed one simple, proven system to help moms achieve their goals and grow their family - while still being true to themselves.

The Mom-in-Need Membership to the Becoming Superwoman Club. Help Us Build Tomorrow